Finding the mojo


This week I mostly been prototyping various ideas, finding my mojo for the next game. I just pushed update 27 for Space Grunts, and there really isn’t much left to do for that game.

I looked at doing a sort of stealth/survival type game, which I couldn’t really get into yet, so after a few other idea’s, scribbling, and browsing for inspiration, I decided to return to the Heroes of Loot 2 demo I had created last month.

Now a few days later I have a lot of the basics up and running, and I’m pretty happy with the results. I now have all 4 heroes walking around, the two melee characters hammering and slashing and the two range-attack heroes shooting their stuff to kill enemies.

I used the Space Grunts level generator, which is pretty powerful and fits the Heroes of Loot game very nicely. So there are already secret-area’s, multiple paths, doors, various nice rendering tricks, lighting, and everything you would need for a dungeon.

I recorded a little video of the current alpha, as you can see it actually starts to look like a souped up version of Heroes of Loot.

Obviously there is still a lot missing, but if I can get the basics of shooting enemies, and navigating the dungeon ,fun and interesting enough.. the rest should fall into place.

So while I wrap up work on Space Grunts, I hope to have Heroes of Loot 2 go into full-time development mode and with some luck take less time to complete as HoL and Space Grunts did.

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