A worm on my back!

Congratulations people, we reached update 30 this week, with only 5 weeks left before we properly release the game. Exciting days for sure!

With this update I decided to finally redo the outer-moonbase graphics. I wanted to have more of the base walls show through underneath the sandy and dusty moonbase stuff. And along with those I also added lights to the walls so when the darkness sets in you’ll get a prettier look at the planet and the moonbase.

While doing the graphics I also updated the door graphics, which were still the first draft images I made and used. I gave them more detail and a little more technical look so they fit in better with the graphical surroundings that the game evolved into since the early prototypes.

Another fun addition is alternate text for the NPC’s.. they will now randomly throw out hints and info on the game (it’s very possible that the same NPC will say something different when you bump into him/her again).

Finally I noticed new gamers not noticing what happens when a worm uses you for a ride, so there is now a speech bubble added to that, making it easier to detect when you are “carrying a worm” ;)

I’ve been enjoying the various streams and recording people have been posting, and a special mention for Leyllin who has been doing “the roguelike routine” with a lot of Space Grunts and it’s fun seeing him slowly improve and getting closer to completing a run. Check it out:

For the full list of updates check out the Steam Anouncements page

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