Heroes in the snow

This week I added a lot of many details and things, so many that I don’t even know what is new and what isn’t so best watch the video above for all the new stuff and then come back to read.

So as you can see in the video, progress is blazing! and that’s impressive since this week didn’t feel as a productive week at all. Between a Space Grunts update, working on a huge engine fix for the original Heroes of Loot on Android, and getting a visit from Amazon’s Gaming evangelist Jesse Freeman, it has been a day of little Heroes of Loot 2 work.

BUT! that didn’t stop me from still finding time to work on it. I started work on a second area in the snow.. not really pleased with it yet, it seems doing white stuff in a top-down game is harder than I originally thought.


Also working on quests behind the scenes, and there are now a couple of them, and they are getting more flexible and easy to implement which is cool. I’m leaning more and more towards an adventure style of looting. So avatars, quests, and a sort of “story” will all be in the game, hopefully without losing the funny action of the original game.

Currently each character can carry one item, so they person picking up the key will carry it and is the only one who can unlock stuff with it. I can imagine adding items that limit the specific characters’ skills in some ways, or maybe even enhance them while he or she is carrying that item.

I plan to bring over a host of the original monsters, alongside some new ones. As you can see in the video the first new guy is making an appearance, the Bombo’s. You’ll want to use a character with a range attack to make them explode before they get closer!


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