Let’s end this


The end is here! Well, the end of the year at least, so even tho I still want to do a lot of work, these days just won’t allow me to work as much as I would like.. which can also be a good thing at times.

I did manage to get an iOS build of Space Grunts out to a select view of testers with a wide range of devices, and very pleased to say there have been no glitches except for a little GameCenter problem with achievements not unlocking (simple solution was uncommenting the actual line that uploads the achievement.. doh!)

Which means that Space Grunts is now fully set for a release in 2016 on Steam, iOS, and Android. The release on Steam is set for January 12th, and I’ll then decide on the exact release date for the mobile version, but it won’t be much longer since it’s all up and running and ready to go.

I still have to decide if I do a ChromeOS build of the game, which will basically mean making time for the porting and taking a break from working on Heroes of Loot 2.. which is hard to do because that one is going very nicely.


Speaking of Heroes of Loot 2

I still have the plan on releasing it pretty early in the new year, no idea if I’ll make the March 2016 deadline I gave myself, but development is going pretty decent and we’ll see how much I can get done during all the Space Grunts releasing and new year stuff.  The plan is to basically do the same as I did with Space Grunts, so possibly a pre-order on the Orangepixel website for the PC version with a 30% discount, then an Early Access on Steam to get all the bugs out and improve every feature where possible (cause that worked awesome with SG) and then when I feel it’s good enough to call it a full game, we’ll release on Steam and mobile.


That right now leaves me with an unexpected game: Planet Busters, which I’m creating for the LibGDXJam, I got a lot done in the first weekend, but no real idea on how much time I’ll have in the coming weeks. I do think it could be a nice distraction as a sort of “down-time” project during the holidays, and with a short list of ideas I can hopefully quickly add it should be a fun little jam game. As bonus the source code will be made available for the Jam version!

But will it stop there? The game might actually be fun to build into a full “budget” game later on, so I’ll have to see what things I implement into the Jam version and then what to use for the full version IF I happen to create that.


And finally I plan to update the original Heroes of Loot on iOS, along side updating Gunslugs 1 and 2 on Steam, android and ios.. Especially iOS as I think some of my older game broke on new iOS versions.. damn you Apple! Heroes of Loot iOS is already running on the new code (using LibGDX) which brings it up-to-speed with the Steam and Android versions (both already updated) but with the App store shutting down this week, it probably won’t be updated until first week of January.

So there is still some work left on my “older” games!

Another weird idea I had was creating a Heroes of Loot Deluxe edition which will come with my new lighting code and have it available on iOS/Android at a budget price (99cents for example).. have to think about that, but it could be a fun thing to work on whenever I get stuck in the new projects.

What ever happens tho, make sure to sign up for the mailinglist and I’ll make sure you stay updated on any releases I do in 2016!

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