Let’s jam!

This weekend the libGDXJam started, which runs for about 4 weeks until January 18th, and I figured that would be enough time for me to be able to participate somewhere in those weeks.

The theme is “life in space” and I decided to create a gun-for-hire type game where you are sent out to planets to “bust” them (what ever that means). In the end it’s just a fast paced shooter game in space!

I got a lot done this weekend, mostly on Saturday, so there is now a basic playable game for the shooting part and I now need to figure out the mission select screen and hopefully a sort of shop to upgrade your gear.

I made the source for the jam available here on Bitbucket


Playable with keyboard or gamepad (I think) use alt+enter to switch between fullscreen and windowed. Arrow keys to run around and X to shoot (will add some keyboard configuration later).
Not looking for feedback on this, just play it or don’t!


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