Quests and spikes


Some fast but cool additions to the game this week, the first are spikes! Pretty important as I already used them for two things and might have a few other ideas to use them.

The first place I used them is to hide a key in a room full of spikes, you’ll have to switch them off using the Elf’s arrows, then quickly get the key before the arrows are back up.

The second location is a “simple” room full of spikes which you’ll have to navigate through without getting hit.


Pretty easy to implement both of them, the spikes simply have a visible or not visible state, and when visible they will damage you on contact, if not visible you can pass them. Linking them to the quest system means they can be triggered by anything. So it’s also possible to use them in a room with a statue and a pressure plate for example.

Finally, there’s this:

I started looking into how to do program online multiplayer code.. and it’s a lot of stuff to learn and take in. Thank fully a great library exists: KryoNet which makes the networking part easy leaving me to figure out how to best implement the client/server logic.

Right now I have a dedicated server running, and up to 4 clients can connect to it. I just wrapped up the part where player positions are send over to all clients and that was just so cool I couldn’t resist recording a little video of it.

There’s a big chance that I don’t get all of this up and running at all, and that it won’t make the final game, but trust me: I do plan to do my best cause it would be awesome to roam the dungeons with a party of four!

I’ll tinker with this code some more, as I try to figure out how best to handle the various game objects moving and updating and such. There’s a lot of questions I have on how to do this, but luckily Google has a lot of answers.. we’ll see how this works out!

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