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I should start writing down all the stuff I do all week, because when I finally sit down to write these updates I usually draw a blank to list all the new stuff.. as always, take a look at the video first, and then I’ll try to remember what’s new, and we can meet in the comments!

One the main things I’m toying around with is the character select. I want this to be as fluid and intuitive as possible. So that means that even if you are in a big battle with many enemies, you shouldn’t be afraid to swap character.

I also added a little character swap screen showing the “cards” of the players with their level of experience and a name. This of course opens up a cool option to add different characters to collect, and then creating your character deck before you enter the dungeons.. just a thought!


The level generator has gotten some more attention this week, since it now doesn’t just create the levels but also the setup for all the quests. There is a little too much quests going on at the moment, but that’s great for testing. Basically I took a simple solution, where the main path in the dungeon will have locked gates, and every locked gate is opened by either a “trigger” or a simple key, or a combination of triggering to get a key. Then the alternate paths (with a dead-end) contain the trigger or key. This setup works pretty cool, and with about four different quests implemented it’s already starting to be fun to play.


I also created some new level graphics, so now there are 3 main zones, and I’m still thinking about keeping the snow levels or not. Not really pleased with how they ended up looking, but they could be usable for a little “secret zone” kind of thing.

A lot of scenery graphics added, which is mostly destroyable and can hide loot (or keys) and also added some sorts of plants which can only be destroyed by the Melee characters showing how the 4 characters will have to work together to advance in the dungeons.


So now I’ll have to come up with a bunch of quest idea’s which should also take into account that some can only be solved by a specific character (like needing the Wizard’s magic or the Elf’s running speed).. and I should start documenting those changes..

See you next week, and don’t be shy to drop a comment down below!


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