One week left until release


Happy new year everybody, and thanks for checking back here!

We are now about a week before the release of Space Grunts, and I’m slightly nervous.. which I am with every game release, so that’s nothing new I guess.

There are a few tweaks left to push this week, small control things and tiny bug fixes, but I plan to not change too much since I want to make sure the version that’s live is stable and won’t scare away new players.

It does allow me to do more work on the level editor, which is now actually usable. It can save and load files, you can try out levels, and it’s basically just awesomely simple to use. Currently I’m working on the integration with Steam workshop which will allow people to share their creations with the world. It will be interesting to see if that will actually happen, but I know the editor itself is easy enough to use to not hold anybody back on that front.


The editor does remove some options that the normal levels have, but it also adds a bunch of features that the automated level generator wouldn’t create. Like a room with just a bunch of secret doors surrounding it and no apparent exit?  Or various rooms with multiple ways to get there instead of the the one path to the end.  You could even create a level with a minimum amount of ammo, and have the player try to beat it by finding the right path which will give them the ammo at the right time.. It should be interesting to see what people can come up with!

Mean while I’ve been testing and improving the mobile port of the game, which is now also ready to launch on Android and iOS. So I’ll first wait to see how the PC launch goes, and if no big problems come up, the mobile version should follow VERY soon.

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