Space Grunts release day


It’s Tuesday the 12th of January, so that means today Space Grunts will officially be released on Steam after a 4 month Early Access period. Not bad and exactly as I planned!

The last few days I’ve been mostly putting the dots on all those i’s and crossing all those t’s on the “business” side of things. I created about 24 gif’s and scheduled them one per hour on Twitter as a sort of countdown. I’ve started writing the press release, which I probably mail out tomorrow morning since I’m releasing the game later today (8pm CET).


Besides all that I’ve also been wrapping up the last things for the iOS and Android versions. Squashing a few silly bugs and uploading to the appstore for Apple approval – which from my little test with Gunslugs2 takes about 10-12 days at this time, so if it fails that test I might actually be cutting it very close to February 3rd!

I was also brave enough to update the game last Sunday adding a new gizmo to the game which you can use to recycle your items into ammo. Something a few people requested since it’s possible to run on very little ammo in the later levels while having way too many items in your inventory.

So that leaves me in writing a nice new newsletter for the subscribers which will drop later today announcing the release of Space Grunts for those who missed it.

That means from now on I’ll be putting most of my time in Heroes of Loot 2, which should be a nice change of pace for the coming months!

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