Mainly Making Marketing Materials


Where is all the time flying to? Is somebody stealing it? damn it!  The first week of April gone with the wind..

This week I put a lot of time in creating an awesome trailer for Heroes of Loot 2’s  early-access and pre-order release stages. I don’t think I’ve put so much attention to detail on a trailer before, thanks to feedback from you guys following me on twitter and giving some great thoughts on things.

Originally the trailer I made was about 1 minute 50 seconds, but I managed to trim all that down to 1.19 improving the focus on many of the clips used, improving the readability of the text, cutting the “boring” stuff and jumping into action more quickly at the start of the trailer.. the result is pretty cool! Head over to to watch it.

Did you check that trailer? did you also notice the sweet landing-page it’s on? I did that!

Besides doing the trailer I’ve put some time into redesigning a cool landing-page for Heroes of Loot, adding not just the basics like trailer,screenshots,buy info, but also some information on what you can expect from the game.. a sort of mini game manual.

So all that is now pretty much ready to go, all I need to do now is activate the PC pre-orders with a nice 30% discount for all the loyal Orangepixel followers, friends and fans.. and then find the guts to release the early-access version on Steam. I’m not yet at the point where I feel like this version is completed enough yet, so I’ll probably put another few weeks into it.

Shockingly I found out last week that end of April sees the PAX game conference.. meaning that releasing my game during the last weeks of April, even as early-access, is pretty much a no-go! Damn-it, so many game conferences!!

The next problem is that I want the game completed and ready before summer hits, in general terms that’s before mid-June! Because if I can’t make that happen, I’ll probably have to delay the game until August/September and nobody wants that including me!

Meaning: back to work ASAP! because this game needs to be pushed harder to the finish line. Make sure to check out my work on Twitch (I actually just ended the latest live stream with some nice bombs pixel and code work) so you can see where I’m at with completing this baby!

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