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The last few days I’ve been doing some thinking and made a tough decision towards the core gameplay of Heroes of Loot 2. Which is funny because the game is about to launch into Early Access later this week!

So since the first prototype I had these four heroes all being controlled at once, but there has slowly been a problem creeping into that core concept. I noticed it while testing that most of the time I’m only using two characters, and really just swap to the other characters to make sure they get some experience and level up so they don’t fall behind strength wise.

Having had a few people test the game, they basically told me the same thing.

The solution is simple, you will control two of the four characters, and you get to pick which two. They characters are split up into “range” and “melee” (will need a better name for these). So you can pick between Elf and Wizard for the first character, and then Warrior or Valkyrie for the second.

The fun thing about this change is that it suddenly makes a lot of little pieces fit better into the complete picture.

  1. Now you really have to decide on which character you play with, and you’ll be stuck with those two.
  2. The character swapping is made easier to control, just one button to swap between the characters
  3. inventory usage is easier to maintain and use
  4. it makes it possible to add unlockable characters in the future

It did require a lot of changes to the code, which is what I’ve been doing the last few days. The world generator now needs to check which characters are available so that it won’t generate a quest suited for a wizard without there being a wizard!

I also had to add a character select screen and fix the inventory handling.. few more days of testing all this new stuff, and the Early Access build will go live on Steam!

Your last chance to get 30% discount by pre-ordering starts now..


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