Gunslugs HTML5 opensourced


I decided to put up another free source-code over on the Orangepixel Bitbucket, this time not a simple half-baked Jam game, but a full commercial game: Gunslugs !

The source used is the HTML5 port I created for releasing the game on ChromeOS/Chromebooks. The code runs on any Chrome browser, but also tested on Safari and Firefox (altho that might change with every version they release).

The game is under the Creative Commons license, with attribution and non-commercial. So you can tinker with it, learn from it, and have fun with it, just as long as you give me credits and you don’t try to sell it.. that’s fair right?

Back when I started learning programming, mid 80’s, there was no internet and no school education for such things. So everything I learned came from looking at other people’s source-code and changing small things to see what effect it had in the game and if I could make it do something else.

I still think that’s the best way to learn programming, just diving into code and have fun with it. So I hope that this code is contributing to somebody’s future as a game developer.

One warning tho: the code is very hectic, messy, and ugly. I created the game when I was very chaotic working on some things, and the code shows that. It can be improved in many ways, which could be an interesting exercise of it’s own I guess.

I decided to release Gunslugs’ code, cause the game is turning 4 years old and it has seen a great ride. Being released on Android, iOS, Blackberry, FireTV, Ouya, ChromeOS, Firefox mobile, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Windows, Linux, MacOS and I’m probably forgetting a few others.. The game had a nice life, maybe you can give it a second life!

So enjoy the code, find it over at Orangepixel’s Bitbucket.

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