All games should be roguelike-likes-lite-games!

Let’s not get into a fight: I’m not here to say what exactly a rogue-like is or isn’t.. but some elements of “rogue likes” should be in all games!

Meganoid comes with some of the rogue-like elements that I love in games. There are items to find that can change up the way you play (jetpack, double-jump, specific weapons, visors, helmets, etc.) and you don’t have those by default which makes it interesting to explore the levels.

I’m still adding a few more items to the game, and am currently at about 17 items. These can be found in crates (very rare) or generated at the game replicator using your collected diamonds.

This week I added a few of the bonus-area’s. These area’s usually require you to find a specific item, and use it at the right spot. It won’t be easy, and you won’t bump into this on every play-through, but that’s the cool thing about it!  There are now three bonus area’s, one area let’s you skip a few levels if you survive it, the other area let’s you defeat a mini-boss which then makes all the levels after it slightly easier, and the third level will contain a cool device and hosts a special item that can only be found there.

I also added a variation of small animations with some text to explain at least some of the things happening, but a lot of things in this game are mostly a “figure it out yourself” as it enhances the fun of the exploration/survival.

Right now I’m about to start working on the “database” which will contain info on all the items you can find, the enemies, etc. It’s like the Codex in Ashworld or the Bestiary in Heroes of Loot 2. Basically it’s the implementation of a little wiki for the game.

Then there’s just the end-boss that I have to design and create, and that should leave me with some extra weeks to polish things up and possibly add a few other bonus-area’s or items.

All in all, the game is perfectly on schedule to see a release in March!


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