Meganoid now in Google Play Early Access

Releasing games often leaves room for experimentation. So I decided to check out the “Early Access” version of Google Play, and release Meganoid into it.

Basically this is a public BETA test of the game, but, that’s kinda what Early Access is at it’s core. You can grab Meganoid from Google Play right now (just search Meganoid, or clicky clicky!).  I’m still tweaking the game in regards to balancing the drop-rate and difficulty of things, but your leaderboard scores will be a good identifier for me to see how hard the game currently is. So go play and enjoy!

From the development side, I’m already loving this as I got some good feedback early on, and it helped squash some bugs and improve some things. However I have some worries from the business side of things, I’m not 100% sure every gamer understands the “beta” aspect of this version, also not sure what this will do for the ratings and top-download lists when I DO release, and of course the pirating of illegal copies.. but that last one is just the sad state of the business I’m in.

Anyway, I completed my todo list for the game a few days ago, and basically been testing, tweaking and feature-creeping some extra idea’s into it since. It’s a bit strange because usually I release my game pretty soon after completing it, but now I’m all done with testing on all platforms, and there are still about two weeks left..

The smart move would be to now focus again on Ashworld, but there is also some room to maybe add a few more things to Meganoid before release. To be honest, I have no clue yet about which of the two options I’ll pick, cause I’ve never been in this situation (having a game completed but officially unreleased)..

When I do get back to work on Ashworld, I’ll try to setup some interesting Twitch streams again (twitch/orangepascal) and based on how the Meganoid Early Access works out, I might even do that for Ashworld also.


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