Video of latest Ashworld build

I’ve been promising new video of Ashworld to a few people, so here’s seven minutes of the current build. Obviously there’s a lot of stuff that is still changing and evolving, and even comparing this to the last video probably shows a bunch of changes both big and small.

Some big changes are the much bigger insides of the buildings. I originally wanted to have these bigger platform levels, just more horizontally (Mario style if you like). I’m now basing these buildings on a set of templates and they allow for some bigger area’s with more “underground” area’s that also make more sense in the story and idea of a world that has had to survive a bunch of nuclear weapons (and boy are we on topic here!).

I also managed to find some fast and processor-cheap ways to add more interesting stuff to the top-world. So it now has more world patches, obstacles, and such interesting land marks which make navigation somewhat easier and driving more interesting.

The way dialogs and text is displayed is an always changing thing, I’m still not pleased with the amount of text in there and looking for ways to cut it down a bit (cause I’m really not a fan of text in games). We’ll see tho, I might just leave it in, as it’s all perfectly skip-able.

The amount of idea’s I have left for the game are scary, there are just so many things I can add to this game-world. Problem is time and money tho! The next few weeks I plan to really dig into the game and start clearing out my todo lists.

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