Ashworld, Early Access now available

A little later than expected, but I finally managed to release the game into Early Access, yay!

Originally planned for last week, but due to a bunch of different things happening, I decided to delay the release to this week. The quickest way to grab your copy is by simply clicking it here:

So why early access

The biggest reason is that I’m just one guy creating the game, and as much as I play and test various parts of the game, there is just me and my play-style going through the game. So there are things I might miss, or that I might think are fine but a lot of other gamers are not happy with. I hope to find those things during the Early Access release, and get valuable feedback from as much players as possible so that I can take the median of that feedback and improve the game.

There is also still room to add a bunch more idea’s, and two heads know more than one, so hopefully a bunch of heads will know even more than that! I’m open for suggestions of any kind. It might not be implemented, or just partly implemented, but I promise to listen and think about all of it.

However, if you prefer a final game over an evolving game, then you can also just add the game to your Steam wishlist and wait for the full release!

Full release date?

So my, very rough, plan is to have a final release version available in September. This will be a PC-release at first, and then I’ll tweak and finalize the mobile builds as soon as possible after that. I’m already play-testing the game on my tablet a lot, so most of the things are pretty much working and ready to go.

I hope to have a mobile version available just a few weeks after the PC release. As for iOS vs Android, I haven’t decided on what I’ll do there just yet. I might go for an iOS-first release, just to see if I can get Apple to feature the game (something which seems to have zero-chance if the game is also available on Android). But again, nothing set in stone on that one.

Also, just so it’s out there, the mobile version will be cheaper than the PC version. Simply because of the way the mobile-market works. Selling the game on mobile for anything above $4.99 would be a “dead-in-the-water” launch for my type of games. Sad, but try. So if you want to save some money, then wait and get the game on mobile instead of PC. Altho I obviously prefer if you get it on PC.. – AND on mobile! ;)

What’s left?

Well, not counting any of the feedback that players might have, right now the main things that are on my list are fixing the guy named “the tinkerer” which is a sort of shop that you can find in the Ashworld and has a mad-scientist in it who can create interesting gadgets. The problem right now is that I have no clear idea’s on those gadgets.. so the guy is pretty much never doing anything!

Another thing to add is the achievements, which will be done closer to the Steam release version.

There are some interface things left to clean up and do. Like the in-game codex doesn’t have all the latest information yet. And a few other smaller idea’s that I just have to see if they work or not.

So please, please, PLEASE, get the game if you think you can give some valuable insight to me, and I’ll see you in AshWorld! ;)



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