Ashworld: the story wrap up

Ashworld got released on the Appstore last Wednesday, so we are now almost at the end of the Ashworld story! The game will launch on Android in early January – guessing week one but might be week two depending on how fast I get back into gears after new year!

There’s already a sizable update pushed to the game, fixing some issues mostly with touch-controls but also making the game a bit easier at the early stages.  I’ve been pretty active on the touch arcade forum thread about the game, trying to understand the main issues and getting a fix out there asap.

For Android users the big positive here is that there will be less issues in the game when it releases on Android! yay!

The game got a nice “Games we love” spot today, altho I was hoping on a “Game of the Day” feature on the front-page, but it looks like I missed out on that one. I had contact with Apple about it, and did an interview, got all the banner images and assets ready, and it looked like it would happen, but then it didn’t!  And sadly Apple often feels like a black-box: you can mail them, but nothing comes back unless they contact you first. So we’ll just try again with the next game!

So, unless unexpected big-stuff  happens, this is probably the last entry in the Ashworld “making of” series. The game is out on Steam, Itch, and iOS, and Android is coming in a few weeks time.  Next up:  Gunslugs 3: Rogue tactics!


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