What about that SECRET GAME I’m working on

Look, it’s a written update! How old-school of me!

I figured it was time to do a little blog post after all this time, altho I do enjoy making the video’s a lot, so that’s not going to change anytime soon. But now and then I should just type out these things for us older-people who grew up on reading about games and stuff instead of watching it all on the tube.

So in case you haven’t seen any of the stuff I’ve been putting out on YouTube and Instagram, let me get you up to speed on this “secret game” I’ve been teasing – also, you should check out the tube and gram, I’m really getting better at those with each-week!

Also if you want to see some early sketch and artwork, I have a bunch of sketches piling up for this game, so I’ll soon send out a newsletter with those in it.. if you love that stuff, sign-up now!

Anyway, some months ago, while I was also working on Gunslugs 3, I had a little idea for another game, and altho I figured it was a fun weekend-project just for my personal enjoyment.. it ended up being a full fledged game.. go figure!

But what is it?

Glad you asked! That means you are interested.. so: the game is somewhat of a mix between an old-school text adventure, a dungeon crawler, a roguelike and a bit of point-and-click-adventures.

Most of the game plays on a single screen, with another big part being the inventory management and the codex (both shown in the screenshot above). It’s all turn-based, and it’s a slightly deeper experience than my Space Grunts and Heroes of Loot 2 attempts at doing a rogue-like game.

The core gameplay is very simple, so it was up and running on day one, but I’ve been adding and improving on everything around that in the recent months. The simple core-mechanic is also the reason I haven’t shown too much about the game, cause we all know how easy and fast some people can copy/clone things like that, and I believe this is somewhat of a unique take of the genre.

But when is it done?

So when can I be less vague about all this? Well, hopefully soon! As per usual, my plan is to release a game in March/April like I do most years, and since this game is much further in development than Gunslugs 3 (which has taken a back seat in recent weeks) it means this game is the one that needs to take that release window.

Luckily, most of my work is just creating content, new items, new monsters, and just having it all work together in different, and often multiple, ways. So I’m not worried about over-shooting my own deadline by too much!  I still have to decide on how the release on this works, I might do a PC-beta first through the Orangepixel/Itch website, and then I most likely follow the iOS, then Android path, as that worked out pretty well for Ashworld. But nothing set in stone, so we’ll see!

Hope that brings you up to speed, you old-school reading-audience of mine, more info soon!

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